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About Me

Hello, welcome to my website!🙂

My name is Matthew Miner. I'm an associate attorney at Allen & Korkowski & Associates in Rantoul, Illinois. I work mainly in estate planning, but also help with real estate, contracts, miscellaneous legal research, and any intellecual property.

Before this, I graduated from Liberty University School of Law and from Pensacola Christian College before that. When I'm not working, I enjoy programming, video games, movies with my wonderful wife, and helping out on my family's farm.

Most importantly, I'm a Christian saved by the grace of Jesus. I'm an active member at Faith Baptist Church in Champaign, and if you're ever in the area, I invite you to worship with us.

Some pages on this site or other of my sites may be broken or not exist because I have other things to do. I apologize in advance. Feel free to email me with anything on your mind though.

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