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If you're new to Google AdSense, you're probably quite excited about the prospect of making money from your blogging or web development efforts, but you're also likely a bit confused at the opacity of the situation. Like namely, what do users have to do for Google to pay me? Do they just have to view the page or do they have to actually click an ad? What if they have an adblocker on?

Well, the answer is either. It depends. Google actually has an auction for advertisers where they can pay for e...

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Sometimes you want to operate under a name different than what you named your LLC. This is allowed as long as you file a DBA with the Secretary of State, letting everyone know about your assumed name. This can easily be done online.

However, what if that name is already taken? You've negotiated its transfer, but how do you go about actually doing it?

Assumed names in Illinois must be "distinguishable". Therefore, you can't just apply for the assumed name with the new LLC. What do you do?


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Typically in Facebook Messenger, there is a big blue like button on the right-hand side, but it is possible to change this to any emoji you want. If you do, what do the "Like" buttons in notifications from that conversation do?

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Part of the radical UI changes that accompanied recent Firefox updates was removing of Windows 10 accent color from the tab and menu bar.

Personally, I was very keen on restoring the rectangular tabs that attach and actually look like tabs. Thankfully, I found a wonderful GitHub project and a helpful reddit comment that combined accomplished that.

However, this still me with this ugly black-on-white-on-gray mess:

Firefox 92 with gray tab toolbar

If you like contrast and being able to distinguish elements or would ev...

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, claimed on that 15 studies indicated that surviving COVID-19 provides better immunity than getting vaccinated does. CDC studies have already directly proven the opposite, but I thought it would be good to still fact-check this claim to show how it's a lie.

It should be noted that the author, Daniel Horowitz, is not an immunologist. Much like , he is a lawyer. However, I apparently have better readi...

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How to Undo Firefox's "Close Tab Options" Changes?

Left: The new tab context menu in Firefox 78
Middle: The new tab context menu after adding extensions
Right: The new tab context menu after all changes (Also how the old menu looked)

When you right-click a tab, Firefox historically has had two options in the context menu that let you close multiple tabs at once: "Close Tabs to the Right" and "Close Other Tabs". These are self-explanatory and very useful buttons for people who do a lot of browsing and utilize both windows and tabs. However, in Firefox 78, Mozilla has moved these items into a submenu, largely eliminating their time-saving ability.

The Firefox 78 tab context menu showing the Close Multiple Tabs menu

This was justified by worries that people were closing too many tabs acci...

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